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Capital2Market (C2M) is a privately held, revenue generating, financial technology company that has developed a transactional Customer Relationship Manager system for issuers, charities, foundations, etc. for raising capital, managing and meeting regulatory and other reporting regulations.

C2M’s unique white label private fundraising technology creates and enables personalized private marketplaces for issuers enabling users to efficiently manage large-scale fundraising, capital raising, investments, multi-bidder transactions and large-scale campaigns.

The offering is a $3.75m raise in exchange for 19.5% ($19.2m pre-money valuation) of C2M to secure and further develop the Company’s 2.0 platform and marketing costs. Solliance Venture Studio (SVS) (and its affiliates) is investing $1m of $3.75m.


C2M has recently entered an exclusive partnership with IRA Financial Group (IRA), a financial technology retirement plan custodian and facilitator of alternative assets, with expectations of a merger in 2022. Once confirmed, management is purporting a 3x return to current round investors. Using technology innovation, IRA is an industry leader in self-directed retirement plans, changing the way people invest and save for retirement.

  • Servicing over 23,000 retirement accounts
  • > $5b in account value
  • > $1.5b in cash targeted towards alternative investments


C2M’s platform is currently being engineered by Solliance Inc. (Solliance) to facilitate the migration of IRA’s over $5b in current customer assets. Upon the closing of the current round, Solliance will be contracted to build C2M’s 2.0 platform.

C2M has a major differentiation approach towards fund raising platform by providing a ‘White Label’ solution to its clients. The solution allows users to design their own private offering and investment platform to manage multiple private offerings and large investor audiences.

The solution comes with the ability to capture information across various data points, mostly through the data collected on confirmed and potential investors within the marketplace. The investor data collected can be useful across various other initiatives and can provide potential investors depending upon the project.

The solution enables the client to use an “Invest Button” on any marketing channel, by which the investor would be directed to a funding workflow, operated by C2M. This reduces the work for the investor and provides all the necessary regulatory coverage for the client and the platform.


Milestone 1.5
Completed 12/9/21
C2M’s platform is currently being engineered by Solliance to secure and facilitate the migration of over $5b of IRA’s current customer assets to meet exclusive partnership parameters.
Milestone 2.0
  • Reporting Improvements
  • Additional payment options: Credit Card, PayPal, Crypto, Alipay, WeChat, etc.
  • Token Securities (prototype developed)
  • Expand data-base CRM solicitation
  • Design your own custom “Button” and 20 more enhancements


Issuer: SVS C2M HoldCo, LLC.
Sponsor(s): SVS C2M InvestCo, LLC. (wholly owned by Solliance Venture Studio and Peregrine Equity, LLC)
Offering: $3.75m for 19.5% of the membership interest in C2M HoldCo. Note: Sponsor owners (Solliance Venture Studio and Peregrine Equity, LLC are buying $900,000 and $100,000 of the round respectively (leaving only $2.75m for other investors).
Valuation: Pre-money = $19.2m; Post-money = $22.95m
Proceeds Use: The Company shall use the proceeds to pay all costs necessary to develop the Business as described in this document.
Protections: Customary and standard minority protection rights, including pro rate Drag/Tag rights as per Members’ operating agreement for any sale of 25% of the Ordinary Shares of the Issuer.
Governing Law: Delaware.