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We don’t simply plug and play - in fact, far from it. Every Solliance project is tailormade from scratch. We go back to the drawing board with each new client because we know that every client has completley unique DNA. We create solutions that fit with your specific genetic code.

Our network gives us the powerful capability to take your project from end to end with experts in every specialty while keeping the vision and direction on the same ship - moving forward, together.


When you are nimble and fast you can rapidly impact your outcomes. To get there, you need solutions that are both effective and efficient. We deploy industry experts to design and implement microservices architectures. We also develop multi-tier applications to function in this architecture and run within containers.

With Solliance you will develop a more effective computing platform with increased resiliency and flexibility so you can deploy your code quickly, confidently.

Data & AI

Innovation begins with information. Our experts deliver AI-powered software and solutions so you can leverage data and machine learning algorithms to give your business the edge.

Ready to explore new ways to use data, experiment with new tools, and create the future? Our big data consulting and development experts are ready to help you optimize your solutions.


Solliance is your migration and cloud-native app dream team. Experienced in all types of cloud migrations, our experts are leaders in their fields and ready to dig into the details of your migration. Using our formula – Assess, Migrate, Optimize – we implement solutions for all phases.

Rehost - Move to the cloud with no changes to your code

Refactor - Repackage your application to take advantage of cloud scalability.

Rearchitect - Rearchitecting your application to embrace microservices and cloud scale databases

Rebuild - Completely rebuild your application using azure platform as a service paas


With our deep network of security experts, Solliance helps you implement a secure architecture, development, and DevOps life cycle.

Our team is top of industry in compliance, identity, threat modeling, operations and infrastructure, and red team. Not only do we ensure you are compliant with GDPR, SOC 2, HIPAA, and more, but we also establish operational security, application security architecture, and identity and access management.


Whether you are starting a new web, mobile, or desktop application from scratch, or have an existing app you need to make current, Solliance can take you where you need to go. With experts in every major user interface (UI), API, and data platform/framework, we guide your team or implement portions for you. The result? An application that is secure, scalable, and sustainable into the future.

Infrastructure & DEVOPS

Automated. Collaborative. Agile. Ready to build better software and optimize your cloud infrastructure?

Solliance will help you abandon the manual processes and embrace automated, collaborative, and agile workflows. Our award winning DevOps experts will increase your speed, reliability, and efficiency in the Cloud. We will optimize your capabilities in terms of infrastructure automation, continuous integration and continuous delivery so you can innovate faster and more reliably.


Partner Network

Curated. Crafted. Cultivated. Let our elite group of individual experts be your secret weapon. Leverage the Solliance Partner Network for a laser focused Q&A or mentoring session in any of our areas of expertise. - OR - Let us curate a team of top talent to create end to end solutions across many disciplines. The Solliance Partner Network has both the top industry leaders and the strategic flexibility to meet you where you are and take you where you need to go.


“At Solliance, our philosophy is to handcraft a team that is the best fit for each customer. Our typical engagement is not typical in that every customer’s needs are unique.”

- Zoiner Tejada, CEO Solliance


We meet you where you are and take you where you need to go.
Choose your starting point and lets make magic.

process diagram


  • Design Reviews
  • Implementation Plans
  • Scoping
  • Envisioning


  • Architects & Developers
  • DevOps
  • SME’s / Technology Experts
  • Troubleshooting


  • Prototype & Proof of Concept (PoC)
  • Pilot
  • Production Development


  • Audit / Asses solution implementation
  • Compliance checks
  • Cost optimizations
  • Best practice alignment


That was some of the best money we’ve spent in a long while.  We can’t thank you enough for your help with everything so far.  You’re kind of our secret weapon.  Being a smaller company this is invaluable for us because we basically can walk into any deal and know that if there is something we don’t know how to do or can’t do, we can probably find someone though you that we can use as a resource.

N2Y is a technology-driven company that serves the special education community. We rely on the latest technologies; our very existence dependents on it. So when we looked for a consulting firm to lead us into a cloud-based production environment, we sought out the very best. What we found was Solliance, and it was one of the best business decisions we have ever made. Solliance quickly grasped our needs and charted out a clear path to success. They have consistently exceeded expectations in every area, and the reason is clear: Zoiner Tejada has formed a superb team of industry experts.

 We teamed with Solliance to build our SaaS product VectorMarks when a previous vendor was failing to perform well. Solliance was able to step in and take over quickly and crank out the first release from scratch quickly. We continued to engage with Solliance to help us evolve the product over the last couple years and have been very happy with their ability to deliver exactly what we are looking for. We've also worked with them to advise us on other IT and software development related aspects of working with our customers and their portfolio companies, and are glad to have Solliance and their partner network of experts at our disposal when we need them.


PolicyServer is an authorization solution for modern applications. It supports the necessary patterns to achieve the separation of authentication and authorization - including a management application, management APIs and a runtime engine that deals with advanced scenarios around policy design, policy hierarchy, and integration with identity.



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