What is SVS?

SVS is a venture studio company that combines the technical thought leadership and deep engineering expertise of Solliance Inc. With the domain expertise, network, and capital reach of industry veterans and ultra-high net worth family offices to create a factory that launches innovative, cloud based and AI powered companies.

What is a venture studio?

A venture studio is an organization that creates startups, typically by providing the initial team, strategic direction and capital for the startup to reach product-market fit. Venture studios work alongside existing products or business ideas from founders, iterate those ideas, and assign internal teams to develop the product by allocating teams of engineers, and advisors that can accelerate the time-to-market.


Venture studios often see an idea through from conception to successful company. The venture studio’s team can decide to stay in the portfolio company or return to the studio to work on a new startup.


Why SVS?

While SVS helps start-ups raise capital, it is not a CVC. SVS gets closely involved in the day-to-day operations and strategic decisions of a start-up.


SVS helps accelerate business and product development at start-up, but it is not an accelerator or an incubator. SVS enables start-ups with 7 figure case investments, and provides mentorship and strategic guidance, not just training and a demo day.


SVS invests its own capital, both as cash investments and as investments of expert human capital. It draws human capital sources from the technical experts in the Solliance Partner Network and the business experts in Solliance Venture Studio. It draws financial capital from the funds it raises across the breadth of both networks.

Our Ventures


Baseline Trading (BT) is a privately held AI analytics company utilizing an exclusively licensed, proprietary AI engine to track the facts and draw conclusions from information in real time from over 150,000 different news, blogs, transcripts, and social media sources to discover Alpha trading opportunities.

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SVS and Solliance are like a binary star system whose unparalleled energy produces businesses never seen before.

Fast tracking innovation; innovative business models and cutting-edge technologists.

Why is SVS Engineering Better?

Benefit Start-up Engineers Outsourced Engineering SVS Engineering
Require Salary
Require T&M Fee
Require Equity
Require Benefits
Fractional Scheduling Sometimes
Overall Capital Cost Moderate Moderate to High Low
Trutworthiness Moderate Low to Moderate High
Experience Low to High Low to High Highest
Contribute to Culture
Nurture & Train
Guarantee Delivery
Inovate IP
Innovativeness Moderate Low Cutting Edge
"Skin in the game"
Quality of Deliverables Variable Highly Variable Consistently Highest
Horizontal & Vertical Scalabillity
Elastic Resources Sometimes Always
Brings Investor Network
Expertise Growing / Exiting Businesses

Who is Solliance?

Solliance, Inc. offers strategic consulting and training, software development, and information technology solutions to a range of clients including Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies and start-ups. Our experts serve clients in High Tech, Health Care, Education, Bio Tech, Banking, and Software industries. Solliance is also a major partner in several technology conferences.



Technology leaders and experts worldwide


Microsoft MVPs


Microsoft Regional Directors


Average years of experience of a Solliance Partner

Core Practices


Advanced Computing

Intelligent, confidential, decentralized and quantum



Modern web / mobile apps and API's



Cloud native, hybrid cloud, elastic and scalable solutions with cost controls



Solution wide identity, cybersecurity and compliance

AI & Data

AI & Data

Analytics, machine learning, data pipelines, lambda architectures, MLOps

Infrastructure & DevOps

Infra & DevOps

Infrastructure migration / modernization and automation



Branded rich media solutions and experiences



Breaking the monolith, greenfield design and implement



Depth tactical and strategic training

What is our Process?


  • Understand initial idea, vision, opportunity and requirements

Market Opportunity Analysis

  • Research comps using backchannel network
  • Refine / Redefine market
  • Biz Model Canvas


  • Form Company
  • Legal Agreements
  • Investor Awareness
  • Seed Investment
  • Begin MVP iterations

Get Pilot Customers

  • Secure MVP customers whose use will convert to paid

Finalize Business Plan

  • Roadmap
  • Financials
  • Investment Menorandam complete

Go to Market

  • Pitch Materials Ready
  • Fundraising Roadshow
  • Secure Investores / Investment

Close a Round

  • Funding Goal Reached
  • Execute Roadmap

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I'm an investor

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