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Baseline Trading (BT) is a privately held AI analytics company utilizing an exclusively licensed, proprietary AI engine to track the facts and draw conclusions from information in real time from over 150,000 different news, blogs, transcripts, and social media sources to discover Alpha trading opportunities.

The offering is a $2.3 million capital raise with SVS (and its affiliates) co-investing $1 million of the $2.3 million. Unique to the transaction structure is majority equity ownership in BT and minority equity interest in Baseline Media’s (BM) SaaS-based business.

Uses of funds will be to create and build a trading platform that creates Alpha trading returns on capital from financial and derivative markets including but not limited to traditional debt, equity, and cryptocurrencies (crypto). Initial focus will be to trade in the crypto, macro event and small cap equity markets.


News Moves Markets

Problem: Facts reported from news events are indirectly being used in financial trading.

BT Solution: We utilize cutting edge artificial intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) in our process to provide the capability to include news events in our analysis.

Discerning Facts Are Hard To Quantify

Problem: Discerning the facts from multiple textual inputs is hard to quantify and integrate with time series data used in technical financial analysis.

BT Solution: We turn textual information into numbers we can trade on, providing metrics and technical indicators that make facts from news events quantifiable.

Lack of Existing Tools and Innovating Existing Markets

Problem: Cryptocurrencies Cryptocurrency is in its infancy stage, and there are a lack of existing tools specifically designed for the crypto trading market. Small Cap & Macro Event While there are existing tools in the small cap equity and macro event trading industries, these tools are limited to article and headline level insight.

BT Solution: Using our Microfact™ technology, we get to the facts within news events and evaluate how they will affect a financial or derivative instrument.


Milestone 1 Solliance Engineering
Milestone 2 Successful Back testing
Milestone 3 Successful Shadow Trading
Milestone 4 Raise $5 to $10 million for Baseline Trading Fund 1
Milestone 5 Raise multiple Baseline Trading Funds for various markets


Issuer: SVS Baseline HoldCo, LLC.
Sponsor(s): SVS Baseline InvestCo, LLC (wholly owned by Solliance Venture Studio and Peregrine Equity, LLC).
Offering: $2.3 million for 60% of the membership interest in Baseline Trading, LLC plus 100% interest in a 5-year warrant representing a 17.5% interest in Baseline Media, LLC. Note: Sponsor owners (Solliance Venture Studio and Peregrine Equity, LLC are buying $900,000 and $100,000 of the round respectively (leaving $1.3 million for other investors). Investors shall also have the right to invest 4x in the first future fund that uses this methodology with no fees.
Valuation: Implied Pre-money = $1.53 million; dis-regarding the value of the Baseline Media, LLC warrant.
Proceeds Use: The Company shall use the proceeds to pay all costs necessary to develop the Business as described in this document.
Protections: Customary and standard minority protection rights, including pro rate Drag/Tag rights as per Members’ operating agreement for any sale of 25% of the Ordinary Shares of the Issuer.
Governing Law: Delaware.