Our mission is to help organizations maximize the business potential of their data through analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. We strive to offer our customers a strategic and tactical business advantage through our best-in-class practices' comprehensive knowledge and resources.

Our expertise areas are Cloud analytics, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence with a strong focus on Natural Language Processing and Large Language Models.

Zoiner Tejada

"With OpenAI, AI is having quite the moment, and it’s a great time to be building innovative solutions that use AI. The paradigm shift here is the programming language becomes English and the outputs can be text, speech, images/video, code, reasoning algorithms, plans and automation. Solliance sees this as a critical moment for enterprises to set their strategy or risk being left behind, way behind."

Zoiner Tejada, Solliance CEO

Our experts are recognized worldwide. They speak, write, share knowledge, and have gone through multiple technology cycles. Everything they do is rooted in unparalleled real-life experience.

AI & Data is much more than just AI and data. It is strategy, governance, learning, security, infrastructure, development, and much more. Our unique mix of experts and practices helps customers successfully navigate the challenges of modern AI & Data projects

AI & Data is not as generic as one might expect. Every vertical has its own specific challenges and pitfalls. At Solliance we speak the AI & Data languages of finance, insurance, retail, healthcare, utilities, non-profit, and many more.


Strategic AI & Data

Strategy assessment and planning workshop

Evaluate your strategies on Cloud Analytics, Machine Learning, or Artificial Intelligence, and plan on implementing or improving them.

Tactical AI & Data

Architecture Design Session

The accelerated journey through discovery (evaluate current state), technical solutions (propose future state and prepare implementation), and rapid prototyping (proof of concept or pilot)

Every complex AI & Data journey starts with the first step

Proof of concept solutions (to reduce risk and improve organizational agility) and pilot solutions (reduce scope but production-grade implementations that are ready to scale to full-size solutions).

Predictable AI & Data implementations

Deliver all planned features on time and on budget while ensuring the highest bar on quality, security, and performance.


Our team of industry experts, ready to develop custom, cloud based end-to-end solutions.


Senior Level Data Engineers


Years Average Experience


Technology leaders and experts worldwide


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