Intelligent, Confidential, Decentralized

In a digital world where computing is becoming more intelligent, confidential, decentralized, and can completely reinvent itself, we are continuously scanning the horizon and beyond, looking for trends, contributing to and influencing development, and ultimately carving a path forward in pursuit of strategic opportunities.



Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have seen spectacular developments in the last decade culminating with deep learning models trained with hundreds of billions of parameters. Whether you are looking to understand how AI and ML can improve your business processes, or you are already building a strategy around this, our experts can help. When it comes to executing such strategies, our best-in-class data science teams will help you address any technical challenges, ranging from standard ones like training, validating, and deploying models to complex ones like securing ML environments, building ML Ops, and practicing responsible AI and ML.


With complex computing processes becoming ubiquitous, requirements around data privacy and confidentiality have increased exponentially in the past years. To address this challenge, confidential computing methods have been designed and implemented and are on the path to becoming mainstream. Our experts can support you in understanding and implementing the full set of confidentiality requirements that are specific to modern end-to-end data processing solutions.


Decentralized computing in general, and blockchain, in particular have become red hot topics lately. Besides the hype, these concepts have advanced into the more traditional enterprise space. Is your organization interested in Web3, blockchain, cryptocurrencies or NFTs, but overwhelmed by the options on where to begin your journey? Are you already developing solutions in this space and need a strategic partner to help you accelerate development and increase quality? Are you trying to understand and use blockchain technologies in enterprise scenarios? Our experts are here to help.


Quantum Computing is still in its infancy. It is complex, difficult to understand, and in many aspects, seriously counter-intuitive. At the same time, it is one of humankind’s best bets for solving some of the most complex problems. The promises are spectacular, and the challenges enormous. At first sight, it seems the entry barrier is very high. The perception is that one requires a complex mix of mathematics, fundamental physics, hardware, and computer science knowledge to tap into the world of Quantum Computing (QC). We are here to eliminate that complexity and to help you explore, understand, and chart a path for your organization in this new world.


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