Jenny Madsen


Ms. Madsen received her BS from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. She is a seasoned executive leader with more than 20 years of combined experience positively impacting corporate performance through operations management, organization development, program management, sales, marketing and software reengineering. Her focus is on developing strong client relationships through building internally strong processes. She has been responsible for growing revenues, creating and adhering to strict budgets, corporate strategic planning and business forecasting.

This or that? Quick facts about Jenny

Beach or Mountains?

JM: Beach

Savory or Sweet?

JM: Savory

Early Bird or Night Owl?

JM: Early Bird

Go to coffee order?

JM: Non-fat vanilla latte

Which of the Seven Dwarfs are you?

JM: Happy

What is your spirit animal?

JM: Horse

Pick your superpower?

JM: Teleportation