Zoiner Tejada

"With OpenAI, AI is having quite the moment, and it’s a great time to be building innovative solutions that use AI. The paradigm shift here is the programming language becomes English and the outputs can be text, speech, images/video, code, reasoning algorithms, plans and automation. Solliance sees this as a critical moment for enterprises to set their strategy or risk being left behind, way behind."

Zoiner Tejada, Solliance CEO

A paradigm shift is upon us and the markets are reacting - fast.

There will be the early adopters and the ones playing catch up. You will need to adopt earlier and move faster. Be bold, and move at speed with a partner who is trusted in the space.


"Generative AI and large language models (LLMs) are advancing at light speed, disrupting every industry. Business and tech leaders must act now to keep up with this extraordinary pace of change.

Solliance brings years of hands-on experience building groundbreaking technologies using LLMs and with OpenAI specifically. We have the expertise to guide C-suite enterprise innovation strategy and are the partner you can trust to rapidly prototype and bring new solutions to market."

Ciprian Photo CiprianGM, Advanced Computing and AI & Data


Strategy for Innovation (Envisioning)

Set executive strategy with the art of the possible using large language models including GPT-4. Harness their power but understand the pitfalls to avoid in your business scenarios.

Implementation Strategy (Architecture Design)

Design solution architectures that properly leverage large language models like OpenAI GPT-4 to great success, including leveraging the patterns for architecture and prompt engineering that yield sustainable solutions.

Rapid Prototyping & Implementation

Shorten time to value by augmenting your implementation with our expert team.


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